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3 Signs Your Man is Bad with Money

What’s worse than a cheap brother or a broke guy? One who simply can’t manage his funds. It may seem cool, at first, when he’s lavishing money on dates and gifts…but do you want to build a future with someone who’s fiscally irresponsible? Here are a few hints that your gent isn’t good with his finances. Take note (and maybe offer the brother a few pointers to get him on track)!

He’ll Spend A Lot On The “Little” Things: Bottle service in the club for his crew and yours. Three course meals and tickets to the hottest concerts. Weekend vacays just because…it seems too good to be true because it just may be! Unless your dude is an investment banker, a successful lawyer, owner of a flourishing biz or some other big earner, it’s very possible that he’s burning a hole in his credit cards to impress you, to keep up an aspirational lifestyle or because he just doesn’t have much common sense. If what he seems to earn doesn’t match up with what he’s spending on a regular basis, your honey dip may have a little problem with managing his funds.

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