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4 Romantically Eco Friendly ‘Earth Day’ Dates

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Take in a deep breath of fresh air (remember, the extent of freshness depends on your geographical location), its Earth Day. Though, this national day is traditionally thought of, as a holiday for “tree huggers” and environmentalist, its not solely limited to people with green friendly titles– and with millennials taking great initiative to keep their businesses, activities, and overall life in general, more environmentally copasetic, than generations of the past, Earth Day transcends into every part of their lives, even date night.

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A Pew survey reported 71% of Millennials say the US should focus on developing alternative energy sources rather than expanding oil, coal and natural gas exploration. It also uncovered  that Gen Yers were more supportive of stricter environmental laws, more likely to attribute global warming to human activity, and more likely to favor environmentally friendly policies such as, green energy development and tax incentives for hybrid vehicles.

With that said, why should date night be any less eco friendly? Going green is becoming increasingly more attractive to more companies, according to the state of Green Business Report 2014, thus opening up a plethora of creative date night opportunities for you and your significant other, to turn your love green.

1. Plant a Tree with love- Plant a tree together and watch your love grow. Trees produce oxygen and store carbon dioxide. It may sound odd for a date, but trees are fairly symbolic of everlasting love, rooted deep in the earth, of which no one can see without digging. Its common for engaged or married couples to go on this dig together but it wouldn’t hurt for you and and even a friend, to commit to the oxygenation of the earth “for always” or just for an afternoon.

2. Romantic bike ride in the park- After planting that much needed tree, ride tandem or separately through the park for a while or to your next date destination. Burn a few calories, getting in your  your workout, all while choosing not to smog up the air with bus, car, or train exhaust.

3. Eco Friendly Dinner- If you’re ever in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Robertas, is an eco friendly eatery for those seeking locally-sourced comfort food with a cool crowd. Roberta’s solidified its cool factor by hosting the famous Tiki Disco parties, held in its backyard. And, if thats not enough, they grows and harvests their own food right there in Bushwick.

4. Luna Sleepover for two– Imagine a dreamy night spent under the stars, illuminated by the moon, and you, serenaded by nature. Your sleepover would help fuel energy conservation, by not using cell phones, battery operated flashlights, or iPads– just you, #BAE and the infinite solar system.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun, while  keeping  it lovingly green and preserving your planet earth.