4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Help You Crush Social Listening
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4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Help You Crush Social Listening

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When it comes to marketing, it pays to be nosy. The best way to get juicy tidbits of information about your brand, customer buying behaviors, and competitors is through social listening. What if you could monitor social conversations that happen in foreign languages? Would it give you the confidence to expand into foreign markets? Artificial intelligence (AI) provides you with smart tools to transform the way that you gather social media data. When implemented correctly, you’ll increase the speed, scope, and relevance of your social listening campaigns across global platforms.

Facilitate Automated Communications for Fast, Flexible Customer Care

Years ago, businesses responded to customer pain points on social media through small data analysis teams that monitored only a few platforms. Today, AI-based social listening tools use software to gather data, analyze it and learn from it with minimal human interaction. When breaking into foreign markets with AI tools, business operators downsize domestic data analysis teams and ramp up hiring for social media marketing specialists who speak the languages of the new targeted regions. Both domestic and international social media analysts are free to perform higher-level customer care tasks.

Parse Numerous Social Media Databases to Discover Customer Sentiment

Marketing managers perform brand awareness campaigns with ease using social media tools and platforms. Traditional social listening and analytics tools help to measure the success of those initiatives. Trailblazing companies introduce new products into foreign markets and use robust, AI-powered social listening tools to find out what international customers think of their brands. Through these platforms, marketers gain insight that considers the language and cultural contexts of their ideal clients in each region.

Determine Which Platforms Are Creating the Most Buzz

If you operate a small business, you strive to do a lot with a few talented staff members. Searching out every social media platform that operates in the foreign markets where you want to be is probably out of the question. By using social listening AI tools, you’ll find the platforms that are most popular with your target audiences in every region. You’ll quickly distribute relevant content to qualified leads and modify your messages to match the voice and tone of your ideal customer.

Keep Social Media Teams Aware of Industry Trends and Business Opportunities

When your social analysts aren’t bogged down with collecting data about and responding to FAQ-style posts, they’ll have time to identify opportunities across multiple regions. AI social listening tools allow for better use of your social promotion budget. Newly hired employees or independent contractors who understand your targeted regions’ cultural influences help to intelligently navigate your company into international waters.

Final Thoughts

Most marketers agree that AI’s machine learning and natural language processing components are the most disruptive technologies in their industry to date. As traditional businesses harness the power of AI-based tools for social listening and social media data analysis in their current markets, innovative firms scramble to use the technology to take their products and services to global audiences.