The Business Behind Skin Bleaching: 5 Telling Facts

The Business Behind Skin Bleaching: 5 Telling Facts

Dencia's Whitelicious made global news as controversial upon its release and marketing by the African pop star. (Image: File)

4. There is science behind the reason people bleach their skin.

Skin color bias exists, and it affects people on a psychological level, according to some studies. Kavitha Emmanuel, the director of Dark is Beautiful campaign, has worked with children and young people during the projet and after seeing how color still affects them she stated, ” The issue of skin colour kept coming up. We saw how it makes young people — especially young girls — feel as if they’re not good enough. Skin colour bias affects people psychologically. It affects how a child performs in school because their confidence level goes down: they feel they are not good enough. And when it comes to marriage, we again find skin colour plays such a vital role. We thought, ‘Why are we keeping quiet about this? We should talk about this and see how people respond.'” If women don’t feel good enough about themselves, they’re going to keep buying the product, and the market will continue to grow, continuing the vicious cycle of racism.