5 News Year’s Resolutions For Emerging Entrepreneurs

Are you going to make a New Year’s resolution that fast-tracks your entrepreneurial journey? Yes? Maybe?

Well, here’s some help to press the gas as an entrepreneur in 2022.

If you’re excitedly anticipating your glorious future these 5 New Year’s resolutions can inject success into your business journey.

Resolution 1: Connect with what you’re divinely assigned to do in this world.

It’s easy to chase lucrative entrepreneurial endeavors that are not in alignment with purpose. It’s both easy and a choice you can make. But consider the fact that when you enter the land of entrepreneurship, and if you aspire to do it full time, you can choose if you’d rather spend your time raising a business that is aligned with you, or raising a business that simply replaces a job, but gives you more freedom.

No right or wrong, just different. And when opportunities are endless…hint, hint they are as an entrepreneur… consider choosing one that feels aligned with who you are and how you feel you’re meant to serve in this world. As long as there is a need where you plan to raise up your business, people are waiting to meet and pay you.

Resolution 2: Turn off or limit the things that cause you to drift into other people’s lanes.

Spending one minute too long on any social media channel or blog post can easily send you into a place of…” well, maybe I should.”

For example: You just saw that someone’s candy company received a $2 million seed investment, and now you think your consulting business should enter candy manufacturing.

No…that’s drifting.

Watching other people’s wins without the full context and play-by-play analysis as a new entrepreneur can cause you to drift. In the early days, where your vision and sometimes confidence may not be as strong as it could be…the success of others can feel like “oh, that’s the pathway forward…that’s what I need to do…follow what they’re doing.” But, the reality is we all have different paths and assignments to fulfill, so an overdose on someone else’s pathway is a sure way to be delayed on your own.

Determine what’s entering your line of sight and into your ears, and limit your consumption to help you stay in your lane.

Resolution 3: Think LESS…DO more: Avoid “vision awaiting fulfillment”

One of the things we sometimes see inside of our Company Curators community is members who can put together the entrepreneurial vision, and craft the pieces around it beautifully, but there is always “one last piece” to craft before they take action on what they see. The ability to think and paint a vision of what your business will become and its intricacies is a beautiful skill, but without feet to the ground, and taking the necessary steps to bring the vision to life, it just sits there…a vision awaiting fulfillment.

Commit to yourself that you won’t allow yourself to have a vision awaiting fulfillment, but rather a vision that is serviced daily through doing the work that moves you closer to the anticipated reality.

Resolution 4: Carve out “me” time

As you’re probably looking at entrepreneurship with the plans that this life is the one you will live the rest of your days; In control. Your own boss. Freedom to the max. Know that you are human. Dealing with a 9 to 5 job, raising a business, raising children, serving in the community, caring for a loved one…any and all of those can be true for you. So commit that while you are excited for your entrepreneurial endeavor and willing to put in the work for your dream, know that you are a critical piece and make time for that.

You’re the most precious asset to your business, so while taking care of you may not be a hard strategy, it is. You are the key piece in your success. Make time for your rejuvenation and restoration at every step on your journey.

Resolution 5: Commit to REVENUE-generating activities as a priority

The cute stuff is fun; Making the websites, the cool content, the lead magnets, the product packaging. But it’s all wasted if you don’t bring the same level of energy to bringing in new business.

Decide for yourself what your revenue-generating activities will be (maybe it’s cold email outreach to prospects, government proposal responses, DM conversations, trade shows, direct mail,  Ad funnels, etc). Once you know what your revenue-generating strategy will be, know how much of it you need to do on a daily basis to meet your financial goal, then get to work. Remember, you go into business to make money with the value you’re bringing into this world. Careful not to let the less vital things distract you from the big fish work.

Take these 5 new year’s resolutions, write them down, post them up, and get ready to rock life as an entrepreneur in 2022.

BIO: Candace Spears is an author, serial entrepreneur, known for coaching women to full-time entrepreneurship through CompanyCurators.io, and CEO of Floor23 Digital, a human capital, technology and innovation consulting firm.