5 Reasons Every Student Should Launch a Business While in College

5 Reasons Every Student Should Launch a Startup Business While in College

3. Being a college CEO is an advantage in itself: Have you ever been approached by a cute kid offering to sell you a box of candy for $5 that costs a tenth of that in the store you’re headed into—and you bought it?  Well, even if you haven’t done that many people have (me included).  There’s something universally appealing and admirable about an ambitious young person.  Starting your business while on campus will enable you to work youth to your advantage.

For one, you will have the stamina to work on your business and still study to get good grades (you’ll have to develop discipline, too).  For the business specifically, you can get local press, get help from professors and other campus professionals, compete in college business plan competitions and become eligible for certain kinds of scholarships, all because people will be impressed that you’re young and both going to school and running a business.

An additional bonus of starting your business while in school is that instead of your parents insisting that you do the whack routine from your high school performing arts days, they’ll demand that you tell the whole family about your business.  I know it’s still embarrassing but, hey, you might get some sales or financial contributors!

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