Top 5 Social Super Bowl Ads of 2013

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Audi's interactive campaign allowed users to pick the ending of the ad (Image: Audi)
Audi's interactive campaign allowed users to pick the ending of the ad (Image: Audi)

With Super Bowl XLVII fast approaching, we can expect to see a showdown not only between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, but involving major brands who are all trying to grab your undivided attention. In fact, many people tune into the Super Bowl only to watch commercials. And boy do they tune in—with a global audience of over 100 million viewers, spots are going for a pricey $3.5 million dollars this year, according to Ad Age. However, with the emergence of social media, brands know that interactivity is key to audience engagement. I mean, hey, it is 2013.

This year it’s all about thinking beyond the 30-second spot, here, we take a look at how several well-known brands are building interactive social campaigns around their commercials:


USA Today‘s venerable Ad Meter placed Doritos at the top during last year’s game. For the sixth year, the Frito-Lay brand is trading in the ad agency for fans. The chip maker is leaning on fan crowdsourcing to create its ad spots with its “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. (The 2009 “Free Doritos” commercial was the most-liked commercial and it was created by two unemployed brothers from Indiana.)

In October, Doritos began accepting submissions for commercials from fans looking to win a coveted spot during Sunday’s telecast. After voters whittled down the submissions to five finalists, consumers choose their favorite video which will end up being featured during the game. Doritos will pick the other spot. In addition to scoring the cash prize, the ad that gains the highest on the ad meter will work with director Michael Bay on the next Transformers movie.


As sponsor of the Super Bowl Halftime show this year, Pepsi is producing what it calls the first “crowdsourced” show in Super Bowl history. Starting in December, the food and beverage company launched a social media campaign, encouraging fans to become a part of Beyonc’s performance. Fans were told to submit photos in specific positions under the hashtag #pepsihalftime, and the winning photos will be digitally stitched together to create a unique seamless 30-second dance performance which will debut at the beginning of the halftime show. Several lucky fans will also join the singer onstage in New Orleans during the performance.