5 Things Apple Stands to Learn from Windows 8

5 Things Apple Stands to Learn from Windows 8

After reading this title, you’re probably wondering…what exactly does the most profitable tech company (ever) need to learn from any other business? As you heard in grade school, there’s always room to grow and learn. And although Apple has dominated the gadget world for years, the company can learn a thing or two from one of Microsoft’s finest creations: Windows 8.

TechCrunch‘s East Coast Editor John Biggs takes a closer look at the operating system and lays out what the tech giant stands to learn from Windows 8.

Nothing wrong with a little touch

“Apple has ingrained the idea of touch as a viable interface yet refuses to add it to its own line of laptops and desktops,” writes Biggs. “Arguably OS X is definitely not ready for a touch interface with its tiny buttons and menus, but fullscreen mode and Launchpad ostensibly point to a potential iOS-like interface.”

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