5 Tips on Maximizing Tomorrow's Work Day, Today

5 Tips on Maximizing Tomorrow’s Work Day, Today

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Your work day is coming to an end, and you’d love nothing more than to drop everything you’re doing to make a mad-dash for the door–and you’re well within your right to do so. But, what if you could take five small steps at the close of your day, to help jump-start your tomorrow?

You think your afternoons are tough, consider the prep, focus, and planning it takes just to even get things started in the morning.

It may be worth your while to eliminate the heavy front-load of your work day, if it would mean setting the tone for the rest of your day and creating a cycle.

Below, BlackEnterprise.com offers tips on what you can do in the afternoon that could save you in the morning.

1. Make a List

Write down everything that needs to be done for tomorrow. List your tasks by order of importance or simplest task to complete. This causes you to organize your thoughts, which lessens the chances of feeling overwhelmed and increases focus and productivity.

2. Prep Emails

If you’re like most, you despise looking at your inbox–it’s just too much. Use your afternoon as the time to face your emails head on. Flag those messages that need your immediate attention and begin drafting emails that you’d like to get out first thing in the morning.

3. Start Tomorrow’s More Daunting Tasks Now

The thing about procrastination is that in the end, the task always wins. It will be right there waiting for you, whenever you decide to finally get to it. Your best bet is to start now. Decide on your most grueling, undesirable task and start to knock it out. The lightness you’ll feel in the morning after having completed the task will far outweigh the weight you feel doing it.

4. Update Your Work Calendar

Clear your calendar of those things that have changed, don’t require your immediate attention, or no longer apply. Take note of upcoming meetings and events and prep accordingly. Knowing what you have to do before arriving to work gives you a mental jump-start on your work day.

5. Prioritize

If it can be done now, do it. If it can afford to wait, let it.

Any tips for increasing work day productivity? Please do share in the comments!