5 Ways to Elevate Your Career Through Technology

5 Ways to Elevate Your Career Through Technology

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With the advancement of tech changing the way we approach success, many professionals struggle to find a balance between implementing new technology while holding on to traditional practices.

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In a Black Enterprise Women of Power panel discussion hosted by AT&T and moderated by Black Enterprise VP/Director of Digital Shelly Jones-Jennings, leading women from the technology space offered insight on how professionals can use tech to make the most of their next career transition.

“You create who your brand is on social media,” said Sherice Torres, marketing director for Android Pay at Google.

Following remarks by Jennifer Jones, vice president of Diverse Markets for AT&T Mobility, below are five tips Torres and other leading women offered for maximizing your career in the age of social media.

1. Increase digital footprint: “Have your presence out there and increase brand awareness about yourself and your company,” said Jazmine Harris, lead consultant for Development Programs at AT&T.

2. Use LinkedIn: “I use LinkedIn to build my profile and to have people understand what I do,” said Rachelle Franklin, Partner for Frontline Marketing and Promotions. “I also use it to have people become my advocate.”

3. Know the privacy settings: “Perception is reality,” said Torres regarding the need to be careful about the images and messages you post on social media. She advises professionals to understand the privacy capability of their social media accounts and to also Google their name often to make sure the information online is aligned with the brand message they want to have.

4. Quality over quantity: “Unless your last name is Kardashian, no one cares about the volume of your tweets,” said Torres. “They want quality.”

5. Don’t overextend yourself: “Only join and create profiles on social mediums you know you can manage,” advised Harris.