5 Ways To Experience the Good Life
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5 Ways To Experience the Good Life

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There’s no question, mention the words good life, and some of us immediately begin thinking about homeownership, money, and retirement. Others might recite a few of Kanye West’s lyrics from “The Good Life.” But wherever you are on your journey, it all boils down to taking action to design the life you want.

As Oprah has stated, “Another thing I know for sure now is that you’ve got to ask yourself, What kind of life do you want, and how close are you to living it? You cannot ever live the life of your dreams without coming face to face with the truth.”

Below are five ideas to help you explore the “good life:”

  1. Visit one of the best wine restaurants in America — Do you have a passion for wine and travel? Check out the Wine Enthusiast’s list of America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants.
  2. Fly a luxury airline —  “Anyone who has ever traveled internationally or on any flight longer than five hours for that matter knows that first class is the way to go. You’re treated to more space, amenities, and overall comfort. While that’s nice for those that can spring for the extra perks and price, there are a few exclusive international airlines that raise the bar on aerial luxury.” Check out 17 Most Luxurious International Airlines.
  3. Embrace Health & Wellness — Wellness entrepreneur and founder of Mama Glow, Latham Thomas, says, “Living a life of optimal wellness is a full-time job, and office hours are 24/7. Styling your life is all about taking accountability for what exists in your orbit and implementing practices that reinforce the intention of loving yourself and living out your goals. Don’t let the daily grind dim your glow. Work to ignite your inner light as a daily practice.” To learn more check out the full article on Huffingpost.com
  4. Spend Quality Time with Your Loved Ones — Despite being a celebrity, enterpreneur, student, or employee—everyone has bad days. One of the simplest ways to enjoy life is to slow down and cherish each moment you have with family and friends.
  5. Add luxe to your everyday routine: Oftentimes going for quality versus quantity is the best choice any leader can make, especially when it comes to building your own “good life.” Investing in great technology, timeless fashion or a luxury car such as the Lexus RC-F, can ensure you can live your best life with less stress.