5 Workplace Elements That Could Be Sabotaging Your Career

Be Warned: 5 Workplace Elements That Could Be Sabotaging Your Career

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Everyone has that person or group of people who they go to for advice. It could be there parents, pastor, or significant other. The list is extensive. Although these people undoubtedly love and support you  they could also be holding you back. Brazen Careerist writer, Erin Palmer, highlights 5 of the most unlikely people that could be keeping you back in your career.

1. The Bully
A coworker, boss or even a lowly intern–anyone who uses schoolyard tactics to scare people away from an opportunity qualifies as a workplace bully. The bully will start rumors about company layoffs or complain about how it’s impossible to find a job. A bully demeans your accomplishments and publically points out every tiny mistake you’ve ever made.

Bullies can hurt your career progression simply by making you feel like trying to advance your career is a hopeless pursuit. Worse, bullies may even go out of their way to make you look bad to superiors. Chasing after an opportunity is worth your time, so don’t let a coworker convince you otherwise.

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