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54-Point Personal Branding Checklist for 2012

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Category II: Creation of Your Identity

  • 8. Identity whether you’re building a personal and/or small business brand online
    • A. Personal Brand: Focus on establishing personal branded social network accounts
    • B. Business Brand: Establish social network accounts that are specific to your business brand
  • 9. Are you using your professional business name (i.e. Mike Jones versus Michael Jones)?
    • A. Social networks
    • B. Domain names
  • 10. Research competitors with the same or similar name
  • 11. Purchase your personal and/or business brand domain name
    • A. Use it as your online hub
  • 12. Secure the social network URLs you want to have a presence in (listed below are some of the more popular social networks to join, but this is not an exhaustive list)
    • A. Twitter
    • B. Google Plus
    • C. Facebook (optional)
    • D. LinkedIn
    • E. YouTube
    • F. Slideshare
  • 13. Establish Bio/About You: Should be presented as a story
    • A. Establish three bios: 160 characters (Twitter), paragraph and long-form version
  • 14. Keep Social Network Profiles Consistent: Make sure you are consistent across all your social network channels
  • 15. Social Network URLs–create custom URLs (at least for the Big Five: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube i.e. http://www.Facebook.com/HajjFlemings)
  • 16. Avatar photo
    • A. Identify the look and style you want to communicate in your online presence
    • B. Set-up Link to Download: Upload a hi-res version into Flickr and provide links so you don’t have to email large files
    • C. Use the same headshot across all your social networks
  • 17. Professional email address (Gmail or email with you domain name)