6 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Musical ‘The Wiz’

Learn how to ask for help — When Dorothy met the Lion, he tried to act like he was tough, but his true nature was quickly revealed when he had to ask the group if he could tag along in hopes that the Wizard would give him courage. One of the biggest mistakes young entrepreneurs make when starting a business is not asking for help. You will never be able to grow and scale your business single-handedly–popular shows like Shark Tank also prove this to be true. Find a group of like-minded people (include people outside of your industry as well) who will challenge your thinking. And know when it’s time to fire yourself. Whether you need to hire a business coach or a virtual assistant, make the decision quickly. Wasted time is worse than wasted money. Helping others should also be embedded in your business model.

Stop waiting for people to validate your existence — The last scene of the movie is pretty powerful and applies to almost anyone. Dorothy and her friends finally meet The Wiz and discover he’s a fraud. But as Dorothy reflects on the challenges they faced during their incredible journey, she realizes that each of them had the power all along. Sometimes, as professionals, we don’t realize our worth or the power we have to change a situation. Believe in yourself, right from the start (the classic song performed at the end by Lena Horn and Diana Ross) And, remember, “inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage,”~Dale Carnegie.