Social Media Week 2012: 6 Ways Female Execs Can Master Social Media

6 Ways Female Execs Can Master Social Media

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

Women outnumber men on most social sites, excluding Digg/Reddit and Google+.  However, what methods are they using to leverage this digital position of power? More so, what tactics are they using to further their personal brand?  These are questions moderator Mo Krochmal of Social Media News NY and panelists– Amy Vernon, vice president of Strategy at Hasai Inc; Linda Bernstein, writer and baby boomer blogger; Nora Walsh, director of public relations at The Pierre, NY; Laura Mignott, co-founder and president of DigitalFlashNYC and Gemma Craven, executive vice president, Social @Ogilvy–sought to answer during “She Shall Lead,” a Social Media Week 2012 panel.–Noni Cavaliere

Here are 6 easy-to-follow pointers women of power should follow to maximize their presence online:

Leverage your online community

Are there successful women you’re already connected with online?  Are you engaging with them or just taking a backseat and watching?  Just remember, as Vernon said:”You get what you put out there. If you engage and support [your network] via shares, retweets, and blog comments, you will most likely receive the same in return.”

“Show off your digital assets”

Be a conversationalist and create dialogue around a topic you’re passionate about. Your engagement around specific topics will begin branding you as a go-to source.  Bernstein added that learning a bit of html coding is always a good skill to have. Learn to create digital newsletter and blog posts that are informative as well as visually pleasing.

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