Social Media Week 2012: 6 Ways Female Execs Can Master Social Media
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

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Connect in the real world, not just online

Meet face to face with your network.  For example, Mignott created a series of networking parties to bring people together. While organizing a party might not be at the top of your list, try scheduling a time to grab coffee or drinks.  It’s as simple as mapping out what you want to get out of a meeting, who you can bring to the table, nailing down a date and what you can do to further the growth of all involved parties. Bring things full circle and take the conversation back online.  Continue maintaining that relationship online and off.

Keep close tabs on your competition

If someone is in a space you see yourself in, see how they did it and learn what they are doing daily to keep the momentum up.  See who they are connected with and see if you can either work with them or better connect with that community, advises Walsh.  Also, find, follow and interact with thought leaders in your industry. If you can connect with them, they may become your very own brand ambassador.

Commit this to memory: “Content is king”

You have to constantly keep on top of your various social media profiles to stay relevant and in the know.  Hence, constant (but relevant) content distribution is a must. Keep a steady flow of original content and partner shares available for your network to peruse through.

Remove descriptors such as “guru” and “expert” from your online bio

In social, there’s no such thing as an expert.  The digital world is constantly changing and everyone in the space is learning together daily. Let your content speak for itself, not your bio verbiage.

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