7 Apps for Military Members and their Families

7 Apps to Help Army Personnel and their Families

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Whether you’re an army soldier preparing for a promotion board or a military family looking for base relocation services, there are several apps available at your fingertips. Here are a few military themed apps to consider:

U.S. Army Survival Guide – With over 1,400 pages of information on basic survival, evasion, first aid and recovery information, this app acts a complete reference guide on basic survival.

Army OneSource Services Locator — Whether you’re new to the military style life or a globetrotting family familiar with the base relocation process, this app assists families in searching for churches, child development centers, emergency relief programs, employment assistance, marriage counseling and other Family services.

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U.S. Army Ranks HD –  This app provides information about all of the ranks within the U.S. Army and even includes their insignias as well.

USAA – A military-centric on the go credit union app which provides members access to their personal accounts to pay bills, transfer funds and even request auto assistance. Deposit@Mobile, is another attractive feature that lets users take an iPhone photograph of a check for deposit and funds are instantly accessible.

Army First Aid – A pocket friendly manual published by Double Dog Studios, includes 600 pages of medical knowledge at your fingertips. From recognizing signs of a fracture to constructing trauma transportation devices, the app helps you learn to treat the most common types of trauma.

US Army News and Information —With unlimited access to the Official Homepage of the United States Army this app allows you to browse the latest news from Army.mil, view photos, and watch videos from your device.

Army Study Guide Portable -  If you’re preparing for the promotion board or Soldier/Noncomissioned Officer board this app serves as a pocket friendly guide in areas such as Army history, code of conduct, physical training, chain of command, survival and desert operations.