7 Highest-Paid Black TV Actors
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7 Highest-Paid Black TV Actors

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They are the people who light up the screen every day or each week on your TV. But how much do they get paid to make sure you are entertained or informed?

Movie heavy hitter Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the action hero who the Hollywood Reporter says “got $12 million to make Hercules,” usually commands up to $15 million for pics in his wheelhouse.

Other stars like Denzel Washington and Will Smith crush banks every time they make a movie. But how much are black actors making for starring in many of our favorite television shows?

TV Guide put out the list of highest paid actors and celebrities on the small screen. Here’s a snapshot of the African-American actors who made the list:

Tracee Ellis Ross, Black-ish
Salary: $50,000 per episode

She’s baaack!!

The talented Tracee Ellis Ross plays Anthony Anderson‘s wife in ABC’s new Black-ish. It also stars Lawrence Fishburne.

It is produced by Fishbourne and executive produced by Anderson. It tells the story of an upper middle class African American man struggling to raise his children with a sense of their cultural identity.