7 Secrets of a Side Hustler: How This Millennial Leads a $400 Million Project While Running Her Own Successful Business
Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue

Let’s be real; most of us have a hard time managing one full-time job. However, there are business savvy hustlers, like Jereshia Hawk, who seem to make it all work.

While working as a transmission pipeline engineer for a Fortune 500 company, Hawk helps provide natural gas and electricity to over 6 million people every day. The Detroit-based trailblazer is also the proud founder of the Goal Getter Group, a consulting business and networking resource for women who work nine-to-five, but also want to build a business on the side.

Below, Hawk shares her advice for growing a successful side business:


1. Focus on Activities That Generate Revenue


“Don’t get caught up with being busy, [if you are] not actually being productive.”


2. Start Each Day With Your ‘Top Three’


“Every morning while I’m brushing my teeth, I write out my top-three priorities for the day on my bathroom mirror. This helps me hone in on the things I have to do.”


3. Automate Your Systems


“For the tasks you must do over and over again in your business, find ways to automate those processes.”


4. Don’t Wing It


“Create a plan and get specific [with it]. How much money do you want to earn a month? How are you going to earn it? What resources do you need to make that happen? What actions do you need to take to achieve your goal?”


5. Know That You Can’t Always Do It Alone You


“Knowing who to ask for help is more important sometimes than knowing the answer. You need to have a friend, a mentor, or a mastermind to turn to, for when you start feeling unsure of what to do next.”


6. Focus on Impact Before Income


“Don’t focus on selling a product. Rather, focus on solving a problem. Listen to what your audience is asking for, and create solutions to their problems. [You can also] create valuable free content that gives your potential clients a quick win when they join your email list.”


7. Don’t Focus on Who Isn’t There


“Serve the people who show up. When you only have 12 people on your email list, it can feel like you’re talking into space, but those 12 subscribers are a dozen human beings with a dozen hearts that you can have a positive impact on.”