How To Get A Promotion At Work

7 Steps to Getting a Promotion

Oftentimes, professionals may feel they deserve a raise or promotion and will simply let good work speak for itself. But that can be a wrong move, especially when it comes to expediting the next phase in your career. As with anything else in life, planning is key and having the right strategy will ensure you make a move in the right direction.

Madame Noire offers seven steps to get that promotion you deserve. Utilize this strategy to find the advancement in your professional path you’ve been looking for.

Make up the job you want: Doing this is great on multiple levels: you’re not competing with anyone (because there’s nothing to compete for yet) and it shows that you care about the company and you’ve thought so much about it that you invented a unique position that will help the company. Whether or not the position can be created for and given to you, you’ve shown you are looking to move upward.

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