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75 Most Powerful Blacks on Wall Street

information technology, and manufacturing ventures.

Lauren M. Tyler. Partner CCMP Capital Advisors L.L.C. New York, NY. Age: 44. Bottom Line: Tyler is a partner of CCMP Capital, a private equity fund with $8 billion under management. Tyler left the $170 million private equity fund Quetzal/JP Morgan Partners (No. 10 on the BE PRIVATE EQUITY FIRMS list) to join JPMorgan Partners. CCMP was then created by the company’s former buyout/growth equity investment team. Using Tyler’s deal-making prowess, JPMorgan Partners was the driving force behind CBS’ $325 million acquisition of College Sports Television (CSTV) in January.

John O. Utendahl. Founder, Chairman & CEO Utendahl Capital Partners New York, NY Age: 48. Bottom Line: A respected Wall Street veteran and industry leader, Utendahl has redefined the meaning of power broker. He has differentiated himself with his innovative vision, creating five financial affiliates in various asset classes. Utendahl Capital Partners ranks No. 5 on the BE INVESTMENT BANKS list; Utendahl Capital Management, ranks No. 9 on the BE ASSET MANAGERS list. The other affiliates are UrbanAmerica I & II, commercial real estate funds; United Enterprise Fund, a private equity fund; and Praesidian Capital Investors, a mezzanine financing fund.

George L. Van Amson. Managing Director, Institutional Equities Morgan Stanley Inc. New York, NYAge: 54. Bottom Line: This 25-year Wall Street veteran oversees the Retail Block Trading Desk, which is responsible for all equity transactions within the firm’s Global Wealth Management Division. Van Amson also does double duty in that he is responsible for all recruiting, hiring, and training for Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Equity division within North America. For his new hires, getting the job is half the battle. Once in, Van Amson looks for employees to uphold three R’s: strong client relationships, revenue generation, and enhanced reputation — both personal and that of the Morgan Stanley franchise.

Paul Viera. CEO Earnest Partners L.L.C. Atlanta, GA. Age: 48. Bottom Line: As the powerhouse behind an investment management firm that advises on more than $20 billion in investment products, Viera oversees transactions for states, corporations, and municipalities. Under his leadership, the firm snagged the position of No. 1 black-owned asset management firm. An investment strategist with more than 25 years of industry experience, Viera developed the Return Pattern Recognition, a proprietary investment methodology used at Earnest to select equities. Viera is a commentator for CNBC, Radio Wall Street and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Jacob “Jake” Walthour. Managing Director Quellos Group L.L.C. Seattle, WA. Age: 38. Bottom Line: With over $16 billion in assets under management, Quellos Group is the world’s largest privately held hedge fund of funds. A forward thinker, Walthour surmised the financial potential of the lucrative hedge fund market light years ahead of his contemporaries. In his capacity as managing director, he advises major institutions on asset allocation and alternative investment implementation and raises capital for a number of the firm’s hedge fund programs.

John Ware. President & CEO 21st Century Group L.L.C. Dallas, TX. Age: 58. Bottom Line: Wa

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