From Venus Williams to Lenny Kravitz: Celebrity Side Hustles

Closet Entrepreneurs: 9 Celebrities and Their Side Hustles

Photo Credit: Harpo Studios, Inc. / George Burns

Pharrell Williams

It’s no wonder Pharrell is “Happy” and feels like a “room without a roof.” The rapper, singer, record producer and composer and yes, closet entrepreneur, owns two companies. Return Textiles and BBC/Ice Cream apparel.

He launched the high-end sportswear lines in 2005, and uses organic fabric in his BBC/Ice Cream apparel line.

Williams also joined entrepreneurs Tyson Toussant and Tim Coombs to become part-owner of Return Textiles, a New York-based textile manufacturer that produces a technologically advanced yarn they call “bionic.” The premium yarns and fabrics are derived from recycled plastic beverage bottles.

According to CNNMoney, “In 2010, Return Textiles reportedly generated $1.3 million in sales and churned through 1.7 million plastic bottles. Williams ultimately hopes to see Bionic Yarn clothing sold at stores across the country.”