A Black-woman-owned hair company makes stylish silk accessories to keep hair damage-free
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A Black-woman-owned hair company makes stylish silk accessories to keep hair damage-free

Grace Eleyae Inc. is a Black-owned company keeping healthy hair accessory options in mind. (Image: www.graceeleyae.com)

Frigid temperatures are dissipating. The weather is gradually warming up. Hair care can change with the seasons. However, maintaining healthy hair is a constant concern for many women, regardless of the time of year or lifestyle. For those with fragile hair textures, cotton pillowcases, hair accessories, and head wraps can dry out hair or cause irreparable damage from friction.

What if there were a product line offering options such as satin-lined baseball caps, satin-lined turbans, adjustable headbands, and other items which reduce hair breakage and dryness? At least one does exist. Grace Eleyae Inc. is a Black-owned company founded with various hair care needs in mind. Additionally, the products have been described as fashionable and functional.

Who is the person behind the brand? Grace Eleyae is an entrepreneur who came up with a solution to a problem she experienced in 2014. Her business’s website recites the story of her life-changing trip to Kenya.

“During a bumpy 8-hour car ride, all the hair on the back of her head broke off–the result of her chemically straightened hair and constant friction against the headrest,” according to the site. “Later that year, as a solution to her completely damaged, broken, and dry chemically straightened hair, the first prototype of the Slap was created. After seeing immediate changes in her hair, she passed it to friends and family. It was a hit. Soon after, Grace Eleyae began selling her products on Etsy and by September 2014, decided to fully launch Grace Eleyae, Inc. One month after the launch, a YouTuber, CloudyApples, named the cap as a “must have” in her nighttime routine. This led to more and more beauty bloggers giving the Slap rave reviews, which then brought the Slap into the mainstream world.”

According to the website, over 400,000 satisfied Grace Eleyae customers have broken up with bed head, ended nightly friction, limited age lines, and acne.