A Dream Of A Home

because the couple had been approved for conventional loans at prime interest rates, and the AmeriDream deal required they pay a slightly higher purchase price. Elgie thought it a rare opportunity and just good business sense. Unlike most home buyer assistance programs, AmeriDream doesn’t limit its aid to first-time home buyers, nor does it place income caps on recipients. After canvassing the neighborhood to make sure the final purchase price was in line with resell prices of existing homes, Elgie convinced Gail that the trade-off of a higher purchase price was worth it. “Any little bit helps. I know plenty of our friends whose credit is shot, and [who] must go through a lot to get a new house. We don’t have to,” says Elgie. AmeriDream ultimately gave the Johnsons $5,220 toward the down payment on a 6.25% mortgage through Countrywide.