A Kansas Pre-Teen’s Popular Lemonade Sold Out Hours After Going on Sale

Tre Glasper, 11, is currently the talk of his hometown in Kansas for his entrepreneurial skills and the success of his all-natural lemonade Tre’s Squeeze.

Glasper, who began selling the juice at a Manhattan, Kansas, farmer’s market with his uncle, made headlines when he recently sold out of the product in Kansas City an hour after it went on sale at Hy-Vee. The pre-teen landed a partnership with the company in September 2021 following a competition for Hy-Vee OpportUNITY Inclusive Business Summit. Glasper, who was the youngest participant in the competition, also received a $1,000 reward.

  1. During a Jan. 5 interview with Startland News, Glasper’s mother, Sheila Ellis-Glasper, opened up about how Tre’s Squeeze lemonade is created. In the discussion, Ellis-Glasper told the publication that the family typically makes about 100 to 150 bottles of juice, including the strawberry, a Wildcat punch, and the occasional watermelon flavor.

She disclosed that the entire process would take about three hours, and because of Tre’s Squeeze’s success in previous stores, they decided to make 150 bottles which immediately sold out.


While expressing how shocked she was by the turnout, Ellis-Glasper said, “We were a little bit surprised. We have a lot of friends in Kansas City and just people that have followed his journey on social media. So when we announced that he was going to be selling there at the Liberty store, we intended on leaving at least 100 bottles there. We came prepared with 150 bottles, but they sold out in an hour.”

Because of Glasper’s success with Tre’s Squeeze, his family made the juice-making process a bit easier by purchasing a machine that can squeeze up to 25 lemons a minute. This addition will come in handy because the family plans to sell Tre’s Squeeze in Liberty and Grandview Hy-Vee grocery stores and other retailers.

Since this interview, details have yet to be released about how much Tre’s Squeeze has earned in profits.