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A Tale Of Four Freshmen

Dallas-based company to the list.
Manufacturers Industrial Group No. 46
This Lexington, Tennessee, automotive supplier of welded and light assembled products earned a spot on the list with $74.3
8 million in revenues.

Vibration Control Technologies L.L.C. No. 63
CEO Joseph Anderson keeps automobiles running smoothly with his $59 million automotive parts supply company out of Troy, Michigan.

RLJ Development L.L.C. No. 71
Entrepreneur extraordinaire Robert L. Johnson makes this year’s list with his hotel development and investment company, which grossed $49.4 million last year.

Vanguard Holdings Inc. No. 73
This Savannah, Georgia-based MRO supply chain management and safety equipment distribution company made the list after pulling in $45.58 million in revenues.

McNeil Technologies Inc. No. 80
CEO James McNeil’s $38 million information management, consulting services, and facilities management company helped guard the U.S. against terrorist activity.

Q3 Companies No. 85
Headed by Francis Price, this automotive supply company out of Columbus, Ohio, grossed $36 million last year, earning a spot on our list.

Peebles Atlantic Development Corp. No. 88
Real estate development is what this Florida-based company does well, making the list with $34 million in revenues.

TDS US No. 91
Only 5 years old, this Brownstown, Michigan, automotive supplier debuts on the list with $33 million in revenues.

Larry C. McCrae Inc. No. 95
CEO McCrae and his staff of 349 put this $30 million company out of Philadelphia on the industrial/service map.

The Nucon Group No. 98
Not afraid to switch gears in midstream, this engineering-services-turned-engineering-staffing firm makes the list with $29.88 million in revenues.

Blackwell Consulting Services No. 100
This 11-year-old, Chicago-based IT strategy and planning firm debuts on the list with $28.6 million in revenues.