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A Year After Being Attacked By Two White Men, A Black FedEx Driver Has Been Fired

A Black FedEx driver in Brookhaven, MS who claims two White men shot at him and chased him in 2022, has been fired.

The Associated Press reported Meredith Miller, the manager of global network communications for FedEx, confirmed that D’Monterrio Gibson “is no longer employed at FedEx,” but did not respond to follow-up questions.

“I honestly feel disrespected,” Gibson told the AP after he was terminated.

Carlos Moore, Gibson’s lawyer, provided the AP with a letter from FedEx saying Gibson’s employment was terminated on July 26. According to Moore, Gibson was fired because he did not accept a part-time position FedEx offered him in July. Moore added that it was unclear if Gibson was given a deadline to accept the part-time position.

Gibson was making deliveries in Brookhaven on Jan 22, 2022, in a truck with a Hertz logo on three sides, when he dropped off a package on a dead-end public road. Gregory Case used his truck to block access and his son, Brandon, came outside with a gun, District Attorney Dee Bates told jurors.

When Gibson drove around Gregory Case’s truck, his son Brandon fired multiple shots at the truck, hitting it and some of the packages inside. Defense Attorney Terrell Stubbs told jurors that Gregory saw a rental truck with Florida license plates outside his mother-in-law’s home at night and watched to ask what was going on, but Gibson did not stop

Brandon Case and his father Gregory were charged with attempted first-degree murder, conspiracy, and shooting into the vehicle driven by Gibson, who has been on workers’ compensation leave earning about one-third of his salary since the incident happened on Jan. 24, 2022.

Gibson was not injured in the incident, but said he has been in therapy since to deal with insomnia and anxiety.

A federal judge dismissed Gibson’s $5 million lawsuit against the delivery service, saying the lawsuit failed to prove FedEx discriminated against him due to his race. Moore said he plans to file a civil suit in state court seeking $10 million in damages.

Last week, a federal judge declared a mistrial for the father and son charged in the attack, citing police errors after a detective in the case testified about failing to give prosecutors and defense attorneys a video interview police had with Gibson.

Prosecutors said they intend to schedule a new trial for the two men, who remain free on bond.

The Brookhaven Police Department, which investigated the incident, has its troubles. Last month, a Mississippi grand jury criticized the department, saying the department poorly investigates their cases, has a habit of victim-blaming, and does not complete its investigations promptly.

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