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White Father-And-Son Start Trial Starts Allegedly Shooting At Black FedEx Driver

Located just over 50 miles south of Jackson, Mississippi, the town of Brookhaven has become the backdrop for a high-profile legal case involving two local white men accused of chasing and shooting at a Black delivery driver. This trial has garnered significant attention. The alleged victim, D’Monterrio Gibson, a Federal Express worker, claims a father-and-son duo harassed him while delivering a package to their home.

Gregory Charles Case and his son, Brandon Case, were indicted last November for the January 2022 incident. According to WGRZ, the District Attorney over the case, Dee Bates, told the jury how Gibson was in his authorized Fed-Ex uniform when dropping off the package at the house located on a dead-end street. As he returned to his unmarked vehicle that Fed-ex was renting for deliveries, Gregory Charles allegedly used his pick-up truck to prevent the then-24-year-old from leaving. Brandon allegedly came outside with a gun, pointing it at the delivery driver. As Gibson maneuvered his vehicle around the pick-up truck, he was shot at as he left the scene. It is alleged that Gibson was chased all the way to the Interstate 55 entrance before finally being left alone.

However, the defense attorney states the elder Case noticed someone outside the home that knew his mother and went outside to investigate further. The attorney argues that the men intended to inquire about what Gibson was doing, given the time and how dark it was outside.

“It was completely dark, completely dark, and somebody was in the wrong place,” shared Terrell Stubbs, a lawyer for the elder Case. “It wasn’t my client.”

The trial comes after a federal lawsuit against Fed-Ex, The City of Brookhaven, its police chief, and the two men was denied. The judge over the matter refused the suit, stating that while the Case men acted in a “deplorable” manner, there was not sufficient evidence to conclude Fed-Ex played a discriminatory part in the unfortunate incident. While Gibson remains out on workers’ compensation leave, there are still plans to sue the delivery company at the state level.

In the meantime, the criminal trial will continue with testimonies starting Aug.16.

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