An Accounting Software Makeover for a Small Business

Accounting for Disaster

Sept. 21: Issued our first payroll using QuickBooks Online. The payroll service is remarkable! It saved us so much time. Before we did payroll bi-weekly and it took 30 to 35 minutes. Now it takes less than five minutes, and most of that time is logging in. Wingzza  employees are raving about our new online accessible pay-stubs. Before, we printed pay-stubs. Now we send our employees an e-mail log in through QBO and they can log in to the site and see all of their pay-stubs. They are able to keep track of hours worked, taxes paid, and year-to-date earnings. It also offers direct deposit.

Oct. 25: There was a discrepancy between two of the IRS documents we used to calculate Medicare and withholding taxes. We would not have figured out that we were paying too much to Social Security for employees without Quickbooks Online. It increases your accuracy and eliminates mistakes.

Oct. 27: Serving Wingzza at Johnson C. Smith University Homecoming and voided an accidental payment with no sweat!  We couldn’t even tell you how to void a payment on the other machine, and we’d used it for a couple of years.

Oct. 29: It’s awesome that the app is backed up. We can see every payment we’ve ever taken with GoPayment along with a detailed record of deposits into our business bank account. This makes our bookkeeping process simple. Also, when Larry is not on the truck he is able to see how much progress the employees make while he is gone by using the app. We can check the sales total throughout the day from any phone or desktop and pull up sales reports for a certain time, day, or week; even the average ticket.

Nov. 1: Before, we were paranoid about losing our files. But with Quickbooks Online it’s now all stored in the cloud so we don’t have to worry anymore.