This is the Secret Advice One Music Executive Would Give Her Younger Self

The Secret Advice One Veteran Music Executive Would Give Her Younger Self

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Transitioning from Wall Street to the music industry is no common career path, but it’s one that Camille Hackney talks about proudly.

After graduating from Princeton University, Hackney accepted a job on Wall Street before quickly realizing the demands of the financial industry were not in line with her desired lifestyle.

“A big part of how I guided myself through my career journey is just looking at the people above me and who’ve come before me, and figuring out what they do and if I want to do that,” said Hackney. “What does their work-life balance look like and does that work for me?”

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Finding a better balance in the music industry more than 20 year ago, Hackney now serves in a dual role as executive vice president of Brand Partnerships and Commercial Licensing at Atlantic Records, as well as global brand partnerships counsel at Warner Music Group.

In an exclusive interview with, the music executive, who also made our list for Top Women in Advertising and Marketing, dishes on the value of following your passion and the career advice she would give her younger self.

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