African American Festival: Leading Ladies and the Modern Man
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African American Festival: Leading Ladies and the Modern Man

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Just two days left and you’re all the more excited for the 2015 African American Festival. As you get ready to celebrate life, music, and black culture don’t forget to up your boss moves with the Ladies That Lead and BE Modern Man sessions. These sessions are designed to inspire, uplift and empower men and women as we define our place in the workforce, and more broadly, society.

CEO and Businesswoman Beverly Johnson paves the way with the Prudential Financial sponsored Ladies That Lead session celebrating female leadership and defining standards for success. Beverly Johnson will be alongside financial expert and network marketing extraordinaire, Jewel Tankard, Blueprint Group founder, Tai Beauchamp, and award-winning producer, Sidra Smith. These ladies will be sharing action steps you can take to move closer to your goals and achieve ultimate success. The Ladies that Lead session will take place Sunday, 2:30pm at AAF. You don’t want to miss this.

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While the ladies are learning keys to success, the gentlemen will be reclaiming and reframing what it means to be a black man with the BE Modern Man panel Extraordinary is Our Normal featuring speakers Jopwell CEO, Porter Braswell, accompanied by entrepreneur Nehemiah Davis, and actor and activist, Dondre Whitfield, as they explore what it means to go from victimhood, to celebration and affirmation, all while making extraordinary the new normal! This session will take place Sunday, 1:30pm.

Both sessions, and many more, will take place in just a few days–Saturday, June 20 — Sunday, June 21 in Baltimore, Maryland at the Camden Yard Sports & Entertainment Complex. The AAF is FREE and open to the public.

To follow the AAF events including speakers, schedules, activities, and locations be sure to download the BE Events app. Available through iTunes or Google Play, this app grants you everything you need to remain “in the know” with all things AAF.

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