After Hurricane Sandy: How You Can Help

After Hurricane Sandy: How You Can Help

Most of the East Coast is assessing the damage of Hurricane Sandy, a category one storm, that made landfall in the Northeast late Monday night. Sandy left her mark, killing an estimated 38 people and causing nearly $20 billion in damage.

Millions of people are still without power, and they need help. There are ways to give immediately, even if you are not in the near vicinity. and are providing medical supplies and emergency kits for those in need. Both organizations are currently accepting donations for Sandy relief.

People aren’t the only ones affected by the storm; there will be plenty of homeless pets displaced because of the storm. To help out, visit

The Red Cross and the Salvation Army are setting up shelter for those who have been displaced, and are always accepting donations.

Do a search on the Internet and find local charities in the various states, like this one. Just be sure to check them out and make sure that they are legit before you donate.

Also, consider putting the battered states in your travel plans in the near future. There are hundreds of small businesses that will be affected indefinitely by the storm. Those local economies could use a bump from generous visitors.