Akon Breaks Down The Secret To Maintaining Wealth: ‘Stay Stingy’

With a net worth estimated at $60 million, Akon knows all the tricks to acquire wealth. What’s his secret? It’s to “stay stingy.”

The Grammy-winning singer was a guest on Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast, where he shared his personal secret to financial longevity. According to the Senegalese musician and entrepreneur, frugality is key.

“Listen, you want to stay rich? Stay stingy,” Akon said. “I’m the stingiest muthafu*ka on the planet.”

The “Locked Up” singer went on to explain why, unlike his peers, he avoids traveling by way of private jet and opts for a commercial flight like the rest of us common folks.

“Any person of my caliber is not flying commercial. These dudes is flying jets all day,” Akon said. “I attempted to own a jet. That sh*t lasted six months. I sold that muthafu*ka so fast. You have no idea [of the upkeep costs]. I promise you.”

Instead, Akon says, renting a jet works, and you can always negotiate a lower rate.

“Buy some hours and use it only when necessary. And most of the time, use it as a way of negotiation. Let that be a part of your strategy to the money. But whatever you do, do not own a jet,” he advised.

“Bro, owning a jet is spending at least $2-3million a year just on upkeep. You spend more on the maintenance than the actual jet costs.”

The interview took place one month after Akon admitted to wearing fake designer clothes during his appearance on “Drink Champs.” Indeed, fans took notice of the “Drio” shirt he’d been wearing.

While hanging out with French Montana shortly after his “Drio” made waves, Akon credited his fake Christian Dior drip to supporting his local Africans.

“The Drio came from one of my Africans,” Akon told French. “I’m always supporting my Africans. We go hard for each other. I knew that sh*t was gon’ raise engagement. It only take one person to notice, and it’s gon’ go crazy on the internet and it did exactly what we wanted it to do.”


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Akon took to the comments section to further laugh at his fake designer togs while shouting out the Senegalese community in Harlem.

“Promised my Africans I was going to represent for them with that DRIO,” he wrote. “Kept my word. Shouts to lil Senegal in Harlem. Walla Bok!!!!!”

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