Amazon Will Be Hiring 33,000 New Employees on Amazon Career Day 2020
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Amazon Will Be Hiring 33,000 New Employees on Amazon Career Day 2020

Amazon Career Day
Image: Amazon)

Amazon has announced this week that it plans to hire 33,000 new employees to fill positions during an event that will take place virtually on Sept. 16.

Amazon announced that it is having its Career Day 2020 on Sept. 16 with plans to fill 33,000 open roles. This is the second year that Amazon is doing this. Last year the company held the first Career Day, where it hosted more than 17,000 people seeking employment in six U.S. cities. This year, the event will be opened nationwide. The virtual event will be aimed at supporting all job seekers, from all levels, regardless of their experience, professional field, or background, or whether they are looking for a job at Amazon or another company.

“We’re mobilizing a team of 1,000 recruiters to provide 20,000 free, one-on-one career coaching sessions in a single day, and we’re creating three hours of mainstage programming that will feature fireside chats, panel discussions, and interviews with leading career advice experts and Amazon executives.”

Starting right away, job seekers will be able to register by clicking on this link.

On Sept. 16, potential employees will have the chance to live stream fireside chats, panel discussions, and interviews with recruiting experts and industry leaders giving advice on how to help them land their next job. Job seekers will have the opportunity to participate in a 1-on-1 career coaching session with an Amazon recruiter and can get personalized advice on how to navigate the current job market.

As part of Amazon’s Career Day 2020, attendees will be given the chance to learn about the 33,000 Amazon jobs currently available across the U.S. The positions range from corporate and tech roles that support Alexa, AWS, Operations Technology, and Prime Video, to leadership roles in Amazon’s logistics network.

This year’s Career Day 2020 will give everyone who has computer access the chance to attend virtually.