Amazon's TV Box Rumored to Arrive in March
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

If Amazon releases its own TV box, competitors like Apple and Roku may have to play catch-up.

According to a report for Re/code, unnamed industry sources said Amazon is preparing for a March rollout of its TV add-on designed to compete with the Apple TV and Roku box, among others.

Amazon’s expansion into other areas would seem to indicate that a TV box isn’t so far fetched. Its Netflix-style Prime Instant Streaming service and video catalog is constantly expanding, even as the company begins to create its own content.

The box could even play games, much like Ouya’s Android-based gaming console, if Amazon’s recent acquisitions are any indication.

It put out job listings for game developers, and purchased game developer Double Helix Games, maker of Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct, earlier this month.

The box will likely be powered by Google’s Android OS–a forked version of the operating system that powers Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets.

While it’s still a rumor, the same one popped up last year around the holidays, which could lend some credence to the tale.

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