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Amber Rose Shares Her Thoughts On Parenting, Says Oldest Son ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Her OnlyFans Page

The 'Slut Walk' creator and mother of two says she hides nothing from her children.

Amber Rose has spent much of her time in the spotlight being unapologetic about her body, sexual expression, and belief that women should have complete autonomy over their self expression. Now, the “Slut Walk” creator and mother of two says she hides nothing from her children, but instead chooses appropriate times to reveal the more mature parts of her life and career, People reported.

Rose, who has reportedly brought in $23 million via her OnlyFans account since 2020, revealed during an episode of the No Jumper podcast that her 10-year-old son, Sebastian, whom she shares with rapper Wiz Khalifa, knows about her adults-only page.

“He has the Internet, and I got to say he’s a really smart, funny kid, so he’ll be like, ‘Mom, I have an OnlyFans too,'” she said. “He doesn’t. But if Bash was sitting right here, you’d think you’re talking to an 18-year-old kid. He cracks jokes because he’s just a smart, funny kid.”

The 34-year-old model believes it’s her job to introduce her children to things before their own curiosity or the internet does the job on her behalf.

“Listen, you can’t hide anything. You can’t hide anything from your children nowadays. If you do try to do that, they will go somewhere else and get misinformed,” she continued. “At the end of the day, sex is natural. It’s a natural thing and people do it.”

Rose has spent the better part of the last decade advocating for sex-positivity via her annual Amber Rose Slut Walk, started in 2015 to empower women alongside the LGBTQ community and to put an end to sexual injustice, derogatory labeling, and gender inequality. The model believes her clear mission has made both of her sons “feminists already.”

“He doesn’t care. I taught him from a very early age that you cannot tell women what to do with their bodies. That’s it,” she said of her eldest son’s feelings about the explicit nature of her content. “So, if a girl is on OnlyFans and she’s making money off her feet pictures or if guys are stupid enough to buy pictures and videos of girls, let the girl make the money.”

Rose is not the only celebrity to rake in big bucks through their OnlyFans content. In 2021, Angela White, more famously known as Blac Chyna, reportedly earned $20 million per month, according to iHeart, while rappers Cardi B and Tyga brought in $9.3 and $7.6 million per month, respectively.

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