In the News: Amy Holmes Joins GBTV; FaceBook Denies Harvesting Cell Numbers and More

In the News: Amy Holmes Joins GBTV; FaceBook Denies Harvesting Cell Numbers and More

I’m a pretty late bloomer on the Facebook-for-business bandwagon, as opposed to just family and friends. But a good friend recently educated me on how you can add layers of security and privacy for people you know casually, while allowing good friends total access to your page. Be sure to do this, and include business updates and links to any press or promotions you’re doing. Facebook is still the best way to spread a message virally.

  • Amy Holmes Joins Glenn Beck’s GBTV Network As Anchor

Glenn Beck‘s GBTV announced Tuesday that Amy Holmes–a well-known commentator on many cable news shows–is joining the Web TV network as its news anchor.

Holmes is perhaps most famous as a regular on CNN, where she played the right-leaning foil to a long list of liberal guests and panelists. Her official role for Beck will be as the anchor of several news segments on GBTV throughout the day. The segments will carry the brand of The Blaze, Beck’s news website.

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  • Facebook: We’re Not Giving Out Your Number

Facebook has publicly responded to rumors that it is harvesting numbers from mobile phones and then making them public.

The source of the rumors is a misinterpretation of a feature called “Contacts.” When you download Facebook’s mobile app, this feature syncs your phone’s address book with your profile. From then on you can access all of the numbers in your phone from your Facebook profile.

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  • Time Warner Cable Creates New African-American Talk Show

Time Warner Cable has named four young and talented contest winners as hosts of a new African-American talk show titled Born To Shine.

In response to criticisms of the company’s lack of positive portrayals in their programming, they created a show that will attempt to “truly” showcase African-Americans in the community who are making significant contributions in entertainment, sports, and music industries.

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  • U.S. Stocks Reverse Back, Up 4% on Economic Data

Once again, Wall Street went to extremes.

Stocks surged on Thursday, with the broader market rising more than 4%. It was the fourth day this week of major swings in stocks, following a drop on Monday, a sharp rise on Tuesday and steep declines on Wednesday.

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