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Big Leagues! Angel Reese Heads To WNBA, Revealed In New Vogue Interview

Angel Reese is headed to the WNBA, she reveals to Vogue in a new interview.

Angel Reese says goodbye to the NCAA. The LSU Tiger is now headed to the WNBA Draft, as announced in her new interview with Vogue.

The basketball star revealed her plans to Vogue in a new profile for the publication. While Reese rose to fame for her performance during last year’s March Madness tournament, the 21-year-old sends her farewell to her collegiate career.

“You don’t really realize it in the moment,” shared Reese of her overnight commercial success.

The 2023 NCAA March Madness Champion has become a household name in sports and popular culture. Known for her luscious hair extensions, slicked edges, and feisty mentality on the court, Reese heads to the biggest stage in women’s basketball.

She added, “But obviously, the things you say and do can change everything. I literally woke up the next day, and I was a celebrity.” 

Recently, Reese played her final game for LSU in a match against rival team Iowa. The Caitlin Clark-led Hawkeyes bested the Tigers on April 1 to a record-breaking 12.3 million viewers.

However, the college junior still had one year of eligibility left. She told the publication that her decision to forego her degree for a career in professional sports did not come lightly. Regardless, she’s embracing the incoming challenge of having to prove herself again.

 “I want to start at the bottom again,” expressed Reese. “I want to be a rookie again and build myself back up; I want to be knocked down and learn and grow at the next level.”

Furthermore, Reese will leave the luxuries of a premier Division 1 basketball program for a more humbling WNBA experience, including flying commercial. However, she hopes the overall transition will make her a greater player, perhaps the greatest one of all time.

 “I’ll be working with grown women,” she says. “I’ll be working with women that have kids, women that have a family to feed. I’m going to have to work my butt off every single day and grind. And who wouldn’t want that? I don’t want anything in my life to be easy.”

For Reese, the news is bittersweet. To further give her thanks to her family and the LSU community, she posted a video on her send-off to the WNBA.

Reese will know what team she joins next when the WNBA draft takes place on April 15.