Angela Yee Hosts New Show About Financial Literacy ‘Money Pie’

Radio personality Angela Yee is lending her talents to a new show to teach millennials and Gen Z all about financial literacy.

Dubbed “Money Pie with Angela Yee,” the YouTube show was made in partnership with the saving and investing app Acorns to normalize conversations around money and share diverse success stories. The series welcomes some of the biggest names in entertainment to have honest conversations about money, so everyone gets a little more comfortable talking about it on their come up.

Each week, Yee will lead conversations with celebrities and industry professionals who will provide exclusive takes on financial literacy. Celebrity guests include comedian and TV Host Nick Cannon, rapper Remy Ma, and Vice President of Roc Nation, Lenny S, to name a few.

Viewers will receive unique approaches to money management while Yee and her guests offer their insight and relatable stories.

“Talking candidly about money is critical for our communities to grow their financial well-being,” Yee told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“We all have unique stories with money, investing, and saving, and by normalizing these conversations, we have the ability to inspire people to start small, no matter where they are.”

The Breakfast Club host is passionate about financial education within Black and Brown communities and has placed it at the core of her ventures. With Money Pie, Yee hopes to help people build the confidence to take control of their financial future by making money more palatable.

Some of Yee’s past financial literacy-based work includes hosting a finance podcast, Color Full Lives with My Fab Finance’s Tonya Rapley.

“I wanted to be able to empower myself and empower others through conversations like these,” Yee told Essence in 2018. “I used to worry about things like retirement and thinking I had to wait until I had a husband to buy a house. I was able to go ahead and become a homeowner on my own.”