Apply to Become a Venture for America Fellow

Apply to Become a Venture for America Fellow

(Image: iStock/yacobchuk)
(Image: iStock/yacobchuk)

It seems that we are in accelerator and fellowship season. Recently, Venture for America (VFA) announced that they are now accepting applications for their upcoming fellowship. This two-year fellowship program is for recent grads who are interested in working at a startup.

According to the site, fellows will learn important startup skills at their five-week Training Camp, apply for jobs within VFA’s vetted company network, and work for two years as full-time, salaried employees in one of 18 cities. When fellows want to start a company—be it two years after college or 10—VFA will provide resources to assist them in the process.


Some key highlights of the program:

  • Two-year salaried fellowship
  • Vetted company partners
  • Entrepreneurship and professional training
  • Resources and support to help you find your entrepreneurial path

What happens once you are accepted?

  1. VFA matches you with one of their company partners. After you accept your fellowship offer, they will help you get a full-time startup job.
  2. Attend their five-week training camp where you will train with world-class entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  3. Work for two years at your startup; help build your company’s business, connect with other fellows in your city, and become a member of that community.
  4. Ongoing support from the VFA community where you will expand your network and connect with hundreds of VFA mentors and supporters.
  5. Graduate and choose your path:
  • Launch a company: 17% of their alumni have started companies and have raised over $25 million in funding.
  • Become a leader at a startup: 73% of VFA alumni continue to work in the startup space. Additionally, many of them choose to continue to live and work in a VFA city.
  • Join an established company: VFA alumni work at innovative tech companies including Amazon, Google and Facebook.
  • Attend a graduate program: 6% of alumni choose to continue their education and training at prestigious graduate programs.

To find out more click here. The current application deadline is Jan. 29, 2018.