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Are Association Health Plans The Cure?

our small group markets and figure out ways people can provide more cost-effective coverage,” says Praeger.

The industry’s claim that AHPs will destabilize the market is really insurance speak for “it will destabilize their market share,” says Harry Alford, president and CEO of The National Black Chamber of Commerce. “It’s just astronomical and sad when you get some good workers but can’t afford insurance. It costs $800 for a family, which is a big hit. I think that if legislators were to approve AHPs, using the infrastructure of the National Federation of Independent Business, for example, we could get a rate that’s far more affordable.”

As both the House and Senate consider debating the AHP legislation, it is important that they hear directly from those who will benefit the most. To reach the House Small Business Committee, call 202-225-5821. The Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship can be reached at 202-224-5175.