Are You a Procrastinator?

Canada. “Severe procrastination can be a sign that we are not doing what we really want to do.” Once you identify the root causes of your procrastination in counseling, you may find that you’re better able to begin taking charge of your life.

12 Tips for Working

  1. More Effectively at Your Desk
  2. Write down your ideas. Do not trust your memory, no matter how good it may be!
  3. Set down your priorities before the startof each day’s work.
  4. Use your high-productivity hours for top-priority projects.
  5. Tackle time-consuming projects in stages.
  6. Do not overschedule. Leave some free time for yourself each day.
  7. Concentrate on one item at a time.
  8. Take breaks. Walk around. Stretch. Eat lunch away from your desk.
  9. Establish a place for everything. Categorize, file, and store items nearby.
  10. Keep paperwork moving.
  11. Put limits on visits: Stack stuff on any extra chairs so uninvited visitors have to stand. When chatty people call, tell them you have only a few minutes to talk. Politely ask them the point of their call right away.
  12. Remove unnecessary paperwork from your desk. This prevents lost or mixed-up papers. Handle each piece of paper only once.

Source: The Procrastinator’s handbook: Mastering The art of doing it now