Arkansas Junior High School Yearbook Tells Twisted White History
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Arkansas Junior High School Yearbook Tells Twisted White History

A Group of White high school students were disciplined after holding a fake slave auction and cyberbullying their Black classmates Image: Twitter/@TheRoot

There were severe “political inaccuracies” founded in a middle school yearbook for the class 2020-2021 that the principal had to issue an apology to parents and students.

Lincoln Junior High School in Bentonville, Ark. must have a Republican editor on the helms of it yearbook because the way the book editorialized pictures of events.

Racial protests that occurred during the summer in response to the needless Black deaths by the police like George Floyd were called “Black Lives Matter riots,” yet the Capitol Insurrection, which resulted in police officers and actual rioters dying, as Trump supporters protest at the Capitol, The Hill reported.


There is also a photograph of former President Donald Trump that falsely stated, “President Trump WAS NOT impeached,” even though he got impeached twice under one term – the first in U.S history.

The first impeachment happened in 2019 for allegations of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, and the second time was in 2021 allegation that he incited the Capitol insurrection.

Principal Josh Thompson had to sent a letter to parents and students saying that the yearbook “does not represent our values nor meet LJHS and Bentonville Schools’ standards for quality and excellence.”

One positive thing that came from the incident is that the principle vows to  “evaluate its vetting process for all yearbook content to ensure future publications are of the highest quality,” according to 4029 News.

“We can and will do better to provide a quality yearbook to students that can be a cherished item as they reminisce about their time at school,” Thompson said in the letter, while offering refunds to any parents who had purchased one.