Artificial Christmas Tree Fire Leaves California Woman Dead on Christmas Eve at Fiance's Home

Artificial Christmas Tree Fire Leaves California Woman Dead on Christmas Eve at Fiance’s Home

Destiny Abdrazack
Image via GoFundMe/Gabriella Zaccaria, Destiny Abdrazack - house fire on Christmas

Please don’t ignore it. If your smoke alarm is chirping, the battery may need to be replaced.

Destiny Abdrazack, 22, reportedly died after an artificial Christmas tree sparked, causing a fire during a holiday gathering at her fiancé’s home in Sacramento County around 2 a.m. Sunday.

According to KCRA, investigators reported the fire started due to an electrical shortage, and the home lacked functioning smoke detectors.

Couple Richard and Brandy Byers, neighbors in the North Highland community, peaked out of their windows after a loud sound alerted them.

Brandy said she heard family members calling out for Abdrazack.

“They were screaming, ‘Destiny! There’s someone inside! There’s someone inside!’ There’s nothing any of us could do,” Brandy said.

Ernest Isom, the father of Abdrazack’s fiancé, revealed that the family fell asleep before turning off the Christmas lights.

“Unfortunately, they wanted to keep the lights on until the last minute and we all happen to fall asleep and we had an instant, seconds to get out,” Isom said.

“It was fast, and that’s how quick it went. I’m talking minutes,” he added.

Isom said the family lost everything in the house fire, including two dogs and his future daughter-in-law, who reportedly alerted everyone the fire was happening.

“Unfortunately, she was the one who yelled fire, and that’s the sad part. She saved our lives,” Isom said.

People reported that a GoFundMe was created for the family to pay for the funeral costs for Abdrazack.

The page’s description states, “Destiny is one of the most beautiful souls that crossed our paths. She is no longer earth side, but she will always be with us. Any donation at this time helps. All donations and funds will go to Destiny’s parents and her siblings for hospital and funeral costs.”

The Sacramento Metro Fire Department urges homeowners to check the batteries in their smoke detectors and ensure they are working.

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