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Ask the Money Coach: 10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas for Your Car

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2. Fill up when you are not under the gun.

Why fill up your gas tank when you’re on empty, rushing to work, or under the gun? If you do, chances are you’ll hit the first station you see — which could be the most expensive. Instead, identify the cheapest station in your area, then filler up.

3: Identify “deal days”.

Find a gas station that offers a break on specific days of the week (i.e. 10 cents off Tuesdays, etc.) and routinely patronize that business.

4: Calculate the savings achieved by driving across a state border.

For example, buying gas in Northern New Jersey is typically a lot cheaper than New York. If you work, shop or visit the next state, can you fill up there?

5: Use Turnpikes and Parkways.

In New Jersey, where I live, the state government regulates turnpikes and parkways — as well as gas stations in the Garden State. Consequently, gas stations can only change their rates on specific days of the week. The same may apply in your state. If so, be sure to fill up before the normal day that price hikes kick in.