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Ask the Money Coach: How Do Small Collection Accounts Impact Your Credit Score?

All Transactions — Large and Small — Matter Greatly Amid the Credit Crunch

Also, even with FICO saying it won’t use those small accounts in its scoring methodology, the debts nonetheless remain on your credit file, and some lenders may require that you resolve those issues or pay off those debts before approving you for a loan.  More importantly, you should know that every transaction — large and small — matters greatly amid the current credit crunch. And when I say “every” transaction, I mean it.

Your Financial Habits Are Under Intense Scrutiny, Even if You Don’t Know It

Increasingly, retailers, credit reporting agencies, credit scoring companies, and of course banks and other lenders are watching every financial transaction you make. Made an online purchase to buy some shoes lately? Somebody tracked it.

That’s why the next time you’re working at your computer — or simply surfing the web — you’ll see a pop-up or some advertisement featuring shoes. Ditto for school supplies, furniture, electronic gadgets, or anything else you purchase. But the scrutiny goes way beyond just watching what you buy, and then trying to sell you more of it.

Retailers, lenders and credit-scoring firms are all capturing a wealth of data about your financial habits, both on and offline, in an effort to tell them who among us is the most credit-worthy — and who is the least.