Atatiana Jefferson's Family Sues City For Trauma Nephew Suffered Watching Fatal Shooting

Atatiana Jefferson’s Family Sues City For Trauma Nephew Suffered Watching Fatal Shooting

Atatiana Jefferson
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It’s nearing two years since Atatiana Jefferson was fatally shot by a former cop while inside of her home. After filing a wrongful death lawsuit last year, Jefferson’s family has launched a new lawsuit for the trauma suffered by her nephew.

On Wednesday, Jefferson’s family filed a federal lawsuit against the former officer and the city of Fort Worth for the emotional trauma inflicted on Jefferson’s now 10-year-old nephew Zion Carr who was inside her home when she was fatally shot, Star-Telegram reports.

“At the age of 8,” the child “was forced to watch the murder of his aunt, Atatiana Jefferson, at the hands of Fort Worth Police.”

It was in October 2019 when Jefferson was home with her nephew playing video games. Jefferson had her front door open to allow in the fresh Autumn breeze. At the time, former officer Aaron Dean, was responding to a call that came in at 2:25 am from a neighbor who expressed concern about Jefferson’s front door being open.

Dean and another officer went around the backyard and shone his flashlight through Jefferson’s window. Out of her own concern, she grabbed a gun and approached the window after hearing people outside. Upon seeing Jefferson, Dean fired a fatal shot killing her while her nephew was in the same room.

The latest suit was filed by Jefferson’s sister and the child’s mother Amber Carr. Listed as defendants are the city of Fort Worth, former officer Aaron Dean, former Police Chief Ed Kraus and former Mayor Betsy Price.

It accuses the city of inflicting trauma on young Zion and says the Fort Worth police department “has displayed a consistent and systematic failure to properly train and supervise its officers on the proper use of force.”

Since the fatal shooting, Dean was fired and charged with murder. He has been out on $200,000 bond since October 2019, PBS reports.