Audit Shows HBCU Employee Received $60K Extra Pay in Error

Audit Shows HBCU Employee Received $60K Extra Pay in Error

A state audit released Tuesday shows that an IT supervisor at the North Carolina Central University School of Law received almost $60,000 in extra pay despite state personnel laws prohibiting the extra payments, WRAL reports.

It all began in 2005 when Gregory Clinton, an IT specialist, was paid extra money to oversee the school’s move to the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Building in downtown Durham while the Turner Law Building on campus was renovated.

The interim dean gave Clinton a $7,500 bonus for his work, and Clinton asked the new dean for more when the renovations were complete. The new dean said that Clinton told him that the former dean had already agreed to provide the extra cash, so Clinton got $15,000 more.

In 2010, N.C. Central asked Clinton to also oversee the installation of electronic classrooms across the university, and he was paid $19,165 in 2011 and $17,606 in 2012 for his work.

But because Clinton’s job falls under the State Personnel Act, he is not supposed to receive extra pay for any work he does for the university, even if it is beyond his regular duties.

N.C. Central is trying to recoup the improper payments, Interim Chancellor Charles Bectin says.