Black Unemployment Rate Remains at 14.1 percent in August

Black Unemployment Rate Remains at 14.1 Percent in August

From The Grio.

Just hours after President Barack Obama gave his Democratic nomination speech, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the job rates for August. The Black unemployment rate remained at 14.1 percent for a consecutive month, pointing to a looming cloud over the president, who may find difficulty in rallying discouraged African-American voters to come out on Election day with just two more job reports before November.

The overall U.S. unemployment rate dipped to 8.1 percent from 8.3 percent, adding only 96,000 jobs. For the month of July, the economy added 141,000 jobs.

In his speech Thursday night, President Obama highlighted the incomplete progress in repairing the recovering economy and asked voters to stand by his presidency.

“The truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over the decades,” he said.

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