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Flagrant Foul: NBA Owners Consider Selling Ad Space on Player Jerseys

Adena Andrews
In a quest for revenue NBA owners consider placing advertisements on player uniforms which have some calling a flagrant foul for corporate greed...
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ESPN Sports Business Editor Analyzes Impact of Magic Johnson’s Dodgers Deal

Adena Andrews
ESPN's Senior Sports Business Editor Keith Reed shares his perspective on Magic Johnson's historic purchase of the LA Dodgers...
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Decoding Dwight Howard’s Impact On Orlando’s Economy

Adena Andrews
With NBA All-Star Weekend happening in Orlando all eyes are on Dwight Howard who requested a trade that could adversely impact local economy...

Will Marriage Help or Hurt LeBron James’ Brand?

Adena Andrews
In the wake of LeBron James' engagement, experts chime in on the impact on his public image and whether a prenup is needed to protect...